2015 Year of Making Art

This blog is my personal art journey, it all started on the eve of my 29th birthday.  2014 had been a rather intense year of work and knitting for me, which may sound stupid unless you are into knitting.  Seriously, it can be intense.  While I enjoyed it, I did wonder what would happen if I spent all the time I had used for knitting on learning something else.

Art is something I’ve dabbled in casually throughout my life, and it’s something wanted to be really good at.  What usually happened is I’d start a drawing or painting project, get discouraged and not do it again for another year or two.  It was easy to chalk it up to not having enough talent compared to all the amazing artists I admired.  Growing older I stopped believe in the talent myth and started believing in the power of practice.  I wondered if I spent a whole year practicing art, how good could I be by the time I turn 30?

My plan is to practice drawing or painting everyday for the whole of 2015.  By this I mean more than a 10 minute sketch, hopefully at least an hour or two of dedicated practice.  This isn’t easy when you have 2 children to homeschool, a business to run, and 4 people to feed three times a day, but if I managed to knit 12 sweaters last year, I know I can make the time.

I will be straight with you, there will be a lot of bad art here.  The prevailing theory is that is takes about 10 thousand hours, or about 10 thousand paintings, to start becoming good.  But the idea is that pushing through those bad paintings and drawings I’ll start improving, learning more about art, and about myself.  Hope you enjoy the ride.


2 thoughts on “2015 Year of Making Art

  1. As someone said: “practice makes the master”, talent only leads to an easier road to get where you wish. I see a really nice starting so I hope you have a year full of fun! 🙂


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