My Earlier Art

Before this year I did occasionally draw and paint.  I’d usually have a big burst of enthusiasm which would quickly fizzle out after a week or two.  Mostly I just threw away whatever I did in disappointment, but here are a couple of drawings I did summer of 2014 when taking the Sketchbook Skool “Beginning” course.  It was a really fun course, and great to see all of the different artists at work.  My favourite portion was Tommy Kane’s class as I’m a fan of his detailed urban sketches (I also have his book “An Excuse to Draw”).


This is a drawing of our Welsh Dresser, which I spent about 3 hours on.  Interesting that I spent so much time on the details but the picture is obviously skewed!  This is a common problem with a lot of my earlier drawings. I have learned to take a step back to make sure I’m not drawing on a slant or curve.


And here is one of the back of the house.  Again, I had no concept of perspective so I could name so many things wrong with this picture.  The course was more about drawing what you see than making sense of it as three dimensional shapes.  I think having so much detail kind of distracts you from the biggest errors.

Here are a few more recent ones that I did just before the New Year.  I already knew I wanted to do a lot of art so was getting a head start.  During this period I was into experimenting with ink and gouache.  I’m actually pretty pleased with how the paintings turned out.  I started out with a lot of natural subjects.





(I almost always do this, 2 or more renditions of a thing.  My first version is on the left, super flat and dull.  The one on the right is fresher with more dimension and much better colours)

My start is obviously not from absolute nothing, but even now I can see a lot of things that I’ve improved since this past year.


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