Evolution of my Monthly Comics Goal

At the beginning of the month I declared I would make February “comic month” and make a comic everyday in addition to the usual art I was doing.  I originally planned for my comics to look something like this:


I imagined they would be mostly figures with knitting inspired writing.  I left the goal open ended to include anything including what I’m wearing, doing or eating.


My condensed contribution to Hourly Comic Day.


While I did do some traditional comics with characters I ended up doing a few of these recipe inspired illustrations which I enjoyed.  This was probably my favourite to draw (and eat!)


Food is definitely emerging as a favourite subject around this time too.


Around the middle of the month I started using watercolours and they started to feature more heavily in my daily comic.



Until finally I just started doing these simple everyday matters type of watercolour illustrations.


For me it’s particularly interesting to see how this month has evolved.  I had a really clear image of what I expected to be doing, but when it was time for me to do my “assignment” I went with what I was most interested in doing.  Turns out that I love doing these little food/recipe vignettes way more than traditional comics with characters.

Committing to a long-term project like this can teach you a lot about yourself.  I’m glad I deliberately kept it open ended enough so I felt success even with my changing interests/mediums.  I also learned that just because you love a certain style doesn’t necessarily mean that you will love drawing it.


3 thoughts on “Evolution of my Monthly Comics Goal

  1. Thanks Iva 🙂 This was an example of one that I took some liberty with when drawing. I had taken a photo and used some other references to paint it. I couldn’t wait to eat it!

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