An Early Morning Start and New Challenge

I love it when I wake up early and get some painting done before the family wakes up.  I always seem to do better work and it’s a good way to set up my day.  Yesterday I managed to do two paintings in the morning.


Lesser Spotted Woodpecker


Snowdrops.  Painting white flowers is no easy task, I figured by creating a dark background the effect of the white would be more dramatic, even with the petals in shadow.  I look forward to learning more about botanical illustration in the future.

I also went out for a short sketching session in the afternoon.  I meant to go down to the village to draw some of the old cottages, but got distracted by the early flowers along the way.


This camelia was in full bloom in a neighbour’s garden.  In real life it was a shocking vivid hot pink that quinacridone rose couldn’t even capture.  I did the outline in watercolour pencil and coloured it in with my St. Petersburg palette.  I wanted to use watercolour pencil for the details but didn’t like the look of it after a few petals.  I lifted it off with my brush and afterwards and just suggested the veins with the brush.

Speaking of flowers today marks the start of my next challenge “Garden Month”.  I have a beautiful (but neglected) garden but don’t go out to enjoy it nearly as much in winter.   Spring is such precious season that I want to enjoy it as much as I can.  I hope to get some gardening and sketching done by spending a bit of time everyday out in it (rain or shine).

Do you have a personal challenge for March?  I’d love to hear about it.



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