Flowers, Pheasants and Fields

The first day of my Garden challenge went well, it always helps when there’s a bit of warm weather and sunshine.  Along with a lot of gardening I made a lot of attempts at capturing some of the flowers that are open in the garden this time of year.  My favourite are Hellebores, they are so elegant.


But however many times I tried I just never could paint them in a way that I liked.  Finally I decided to try drawing with liquid watercolour and brush and came up with a simpler illustration.


This morning I did some very quick gesture sketches of a pheasant visiting the garden.


And a quick attempt of the view from our kitchen towards the hills.  There was a touch of snow up on the fields in Exmoor.  Wish I had worked the colours a bit better but overall fairly pleased with the composition.


I want to take a local class on watercolour landscapes in April but hope to improve a little on my own before then.


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