Flowers and Food

About a week ago I took a branch of flower quince inside to force it to blossom early.   Almost like a cut flower but with tree branches.  It’s a great way to bring some spring inside and the children enjoyed watching the buds grow and bloom.  I’m wishing I hadn’t worked this one as much, it feels a bit dull and muddy to me.  (the shine is because I am incredibly impatient, another thing that works against me!)

2015-03-05 08.58.47

I have recently bought a new fountain pen (more on that in a future post) to draw with.  It’s taken some time getting used to it, but am falling in love with its lines.  Here’s a drawing I did of my dinner last night.

2015-03-05 19.40.09

They make my drawings feel a bit more lively (probably just an illusion).  Here is the same coloured in.  Maybe you’ll get a better idea of what I actually ate.

2015-03-05 20.01.20

One of my favourite Korean dishes, sticky rice with bulgogi, kimchi, and broccoli.  The bowl is a pot my husband made a few years back with a bright teal glaze inside.  Working on keeping my colours “juicy” and fresh and trying not to overwork it.


3 thoughts on “Flowers and Food

  1. OMG, I love that Korean dish work!!! Excellent. With the forced tree branch, genius – I never tried to do that with a tree branch, only bulbs. I think your branch and leaves are extremely successful and would have like to see you lay down another layer of color onto the petals, actually, to make them come a live more (sort of like another coat of glaze). Great job!


  2. I would definitely have made short of work of that kimchi/broccoli number! It’s the sort of drawing that makes me imagine the glorious sound of chopsticks on glaze, distributing and collecting that sticky rice…. I’m off to raid the fridge…


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