Views from my window

I feel incredibly luck to live where I do with two fantastic views out our windows.  I have been doing a lot of landscape work lately in my sketchbooks, trying my best to get a feel for these watercolours.




It’s amazing to me how just changing which colours you chose to mix completely alters the feel of the scene.  I am still using my limited Winsor Newton palette for these.  Sometimes mixing natural browns/greens and other times pushing those colours to see how far they can go.  I also like working very fast and loose (messy) mostly because I am so impatient to let washes dry.  I really admire those who can make loose watercolours look good and so effortless.  Can’t help but keep going over my strokes and muddying it all up.

Saying that, I do feel like I’m making some progress, and  although it feels like such an uphill struggle it’s a challenge that I’m enjoying.


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