Cafe Sketching

Yesterday we spent a pleasant family morning at our local cafe and I took the opportunity to do some sketching.

Photo 14-03-2015 13 24 01

Here are some quick sketches of my children and husband while they were reading and waiting for their orders.  I also drew the daffodils and sugar sticks and splashed on some colour.  I haven’t done any portraits in a long time and as you can see they need a bit of work!

Photo 14-03-2015 13 10 10

When my order arrived, smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel, I couldn’t resist recording it in my sketchbook.  I used my White Nights palette for this and wished I was able to mix a bit better salmon colour but pretty pleased overall how it turned out.

Pocket Moleskine Sketchbook, White Nights Watercolours, Lamy Safari F nib.


4 thoughts on “Cafe Sketching

  1. Thank you! I always try and choose the more generous tables/chairs for this purpose 😉 Also a great incentive to work fast because you want to eat it!


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