Back to Pencil

It’s been a while since I’ve sketched with a pencil, I did some very early in my daily art project but then started inking over my drawings with pen and then progressed straight to pen drawings.  I love the boldness of pen but decided to do some more pencil drawings to see how I felt about it.


A few tulips in my garden have just started to open and it was fun sketching them in pencil.  I started out with very light lines making the basic shapes and then went progressively darker.  I forgot how nice it is to have softer shadows.

2015-04-10 21.29.37

In the evening I did this one of some spoons my husband carved a few years ago.  The pencil works better for the texture of the wood than pen.  The only things I didn’t enjoy was smudging the graphite with my hand.  I worry that these probably won’t last long-term in the sketchbook.

Do you use pencils for sketching?  Or are you devoted to ink?


11 thoughts on “Back to Pencil

  1. Just love your spoons, both the drawing and the actual spoon. How wonderful that they are hand made, they look great. I also haven’t drawn with pencil alone for ages. Yours drawings worked well and I like the way you got the really dark values in there, not often easy with pencils and those dark tones really lift the work. Karen


  2. I get so annoyed with the smudging too but i generally always start with a pencil, then ink then watercolor…..maybe someday I will be confident enough to dive in with ink. The spoons look great, captured the wood grain!


  3. Jen Grove says:

    I’m like you, tend to do most of my drawing in pen. I think this is a good idea to return to pencil for a change. Love the tulips and spoons!


  4. I think I’ll try pencil again, too. I’ve been rushing to ink for a while because of the deep black. I really like how much you have captured with these drawings.


  5. Excellent shading on the spoons. I’m generally devoted to ink, the commitment to the un-erasable line, and I love it dilute in water-brushes for building up stable layers of shade. But I find pencil’s best for faces, trees etc. A poorly placed ink line on a face is hard to repair! Ed


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