Fast, Loose Vegetables

Yesterday we took a trip out to a couple of local farmshops searching for seasonal treats, particularly purple sprouting broccoli and rhubarb.  Purple sprouting broccoli is only available in early spring so it always feels like an occasion when we have it.  It is also quite beautiful with its purple florets, just a shame it goes green when you cook it.

2015-04-11 21.20.03

I felt like dipping back in the watercolours last night and went for straight-to-watercolour slightly abstract, loose, splashy look to this spread.  The broccoli is probably more abstract than I intended but the one thing I am particularly pleased with is the variation in colour.  Now I’m really looking forward to the growing season to get a chance paint and draw more vegetables!

Have you done any fruit or vegetable drawings?  Or growing anything in the garden this year?


10 thoughts on “Fast, Loose Vegetables

  1. I like your colors and the spattering effect a lot. Fruits and vegetables are wonderful subjects, colorful and forgiving. Have you ever tried salt in your watercolors? I don’t know why, but I thought of that technique just looking at this….


  2. Laurie A. Griffin says:

    Starting my first serious veggie garden right now and maybe I can draw veggies….never thought of using a garden as a drawing challenge.


  3. They are real fun and you can use your seedlings as a bit of practice too. I like to keep an illustrated garden diary going so I can remember what grew when.


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