Make a Splash 11-15

I have a feeling that I’m addicted to challenges, at the moment not only am I doing my personal 365 day challenge and the Cass Art Make a Splash challenge but also the popular Every Day in May.  Maybe it’s because the crossover of making art everyday makes it easy to sign up to anything that helps keep it up, and being prolific is the best way to improvement.  I’m not sure exactly what the etiquette for EDIM is but I decided to do birds for Every Day in May.

Just realised that Every Day in May is a very specific set of challenges each day (draw something hot, draw a tree…) so I’m actually NOT doing that.  One less thing to think about!

2015-04-29 22.22.54 #11 Mistle Thrush.  Very disappointingly overworked! 2015-05-01 21.19.56 #12 Redstart.  Again I think I overworked this with the details a little, it’s a fine line between keeping something simple and then going overboard.  The white inking is a lot of fun so it’s hard to show restraint sometimes. 2015-05-01 21.45.13 #13 Robin.  Much much happier with this one, I love how simple it is and I started using colours for design a bit more, so it’s less accurate than my birds in the past but maybe more charming? 2015-05-02 22.38.50 #14 Turtle Dove.  While I really enjoyed painting this again I think the final details look overworked, so this is obviously something I need to keep in mind when I’m working on a piece. 2015-05-03 21.42.30 #15 Grey Wagtails.  This I am really rather proud of, it has just the feel I was looking for.  A simple design with very clean colours.  I sacrificed accuracy in colour (these are more blue than grey) but think they still come across well. So only 35 more to go, I feel like I need a bit of a push to get some more done this week before we go on holiday(!) but I think I might just make it.


12 thoughts on “Make a Splash 11-15

  1. ….I hear ya with the challenges….I just signed on the Facebook group EDIM….on a whim…now rethinking, but I will get the sketchbook out and dig in. The birds are lovely…I like the white ink detail. Are they all done in watercolor(maybe the ph martins…..?) some of the color is so brilliant. I love the subject matter!


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