Food and Flowers

I cannot say enough how thankful I am for all your messages and comments.  As someone who doesn’t have any real life sketching friends an online support network can heal and inspire.  I feel so happy with my decision to come back and am excited to share and connect again.

With that, here are a few sketches from the last week or so.  Going back to my favourite subjects: food and flowers!

2015-07-27 09.27.50-1 2015-07-27 15.47.55 2015-07-27 15.48.17 2015-07-27 15.48.44 2015-07-27 15.45.43

I sometimes feel I get a dependent on sketching “things” since I find sketching a landscape or cityscape daunting.  So many details to get lost in.  I challenged myself by drawing the view from our deck of our new hammock in a particularly wild part of the garden.  Hoping to get more confident with these sorts of scenes in the upcoming months.

Fast, Loose Vegetables

Yesterday we took a trip out to a couple of local farmshops searching for seasonal treats, particularly purple sprouting broccoli and rhubarb.  Purple sprouting broccoli is only available in early spring so it always feels like an occasion when we have it.  It is also quite beautiful with its purple florets, just a shame it goes green when you cook it.

2015-04-11 21.20.03

I felt like dipping back in the watercolours last night and went for straight-to-watercolour slightly abstract, loose, splashy look to this spread.  The broccoli is probably more abstract than I intended but the one thing I am particularly pleased with is the variation in colour.  Now I’m really looking forward to the growing season to get a chance paint and draw more vegetables!

Have you done any fruit or vegetable drawings?  Or growing anything in the garden this year?

Everyday Sketchbook Pages

I’ve been trying to use watercolours in my “everyday” sketchbook pages and feel like I’m finally getting to know and understand how they mix and the look I’m wanting.  It is so fun to splash a bit of colour on the page.  These were all done in with Daniel Smith paints, and I hope to write a post about them soon.  Short story is I am in love!

2015-03-21 13.30.34

Can’t wait for your bread to cool?  Do a sketch of it while you wait!

2015-03-22 12.27.02

Super quick sketch while my eggs were cooking in the pan this morning.

2015-03-22 16.00.04

Obligatory playground shoe sketch, these are my husband’s boots.

2015-03-22 13.38.55

This was a negative painting exercise.  I really have a thing about shoes I guess? And splatter, can’t get enough of that splatter.

Have you done any sketchbook pages this weekend?  Sending a bit of warm spring sunshine to all of you!

Cafe Sketching

Yesterday we spent a pleasant family morning at our local cafe and I took the opportunity to do some sketching.

Photo 14-03-2015 13 24 01

Here are some quick sketches of my children and husband while they were reading and waiting for their orders.  I also drew the daffodils and sugar sticks and splashed on some colour.  I haven’t done any portraits in a long time and as you can see they need a bit of work!

Photo 14-03-2015 13 10 10

When my order arrived, smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel, I couldn’t resist recording it in my sketchbook.  I used my White Nights palette for this and wished I was able to mix a bit better salmon colour but pretty pleased overall how it turned out.

Pocket Moleskine Sketchbook, White Nights Watercolours, Lamy Safari F nib.

Flowers and Food

About a week ago I took a branch of flower quince inside to force it to blossom early.   Almost like a cut flower but with tree branches.  It’s a great way to bring some spring inside and the children enjoyed watching the buds grow and bloom.  I’m wishing I hadn’t worked this one as much, it feels a bit dull and muddy to me.  (the shine is because I am incredibly impatient, another thing that works against me!)

2015-03-05 08.58.47

I have recently bought a new fountain pen (more on that in a future post) to draw with.  It’s taken some time getting used to it, but am falling in love with its lines.  Here’s a drawing I did of my dinner last night.

2015-03-05 19.40.09

They make my drawings feel a bit more lively (probably just an illusion).  Here is the same coloured in.  Maybe you’ll get a better idea of what I actually ate.

2015-03-05 20.01.20

One of my favourite Korean dishes, sticky rice with bulgogi, kimchi, and broccoli.  The bowl is a pot my husband made a few years back with a bright teal glaze inside.  Working on keeping my colours “juicy” and fresh and trying not to overwork it.

Fast Sketches

This morning I had the rare opportunity to visit the village shop solo.  It was so tempted to stop and draw everything, but in reality I only had time to do a quick sketch of the hills.


I did a super quick 2 minute sketch of the basic outlines and shadow shapes while I was out.  I tried to give myself enough clues to finish the drawing when I got home and do the hatching.  Landscapes are always such a challenge, I’m trying to practice simplifying the shapes and not worrying as much about the details.


Here’s another example of a super quick sketch.  I had made a fresh batch of scones and was desperate to eat one.  I did a bit more wet and wet than normal, and particularly enjoyed doing the splatter for the texture.

Evolution of my Monthly Comics Goal

At the beginning of the month I declared I would make February “comic month” and make a comic everyday in addition to the usual art I was doing.  I originally planned for my comics to look something like this:


I imagined they would be mostly figures with knitting inspired writing.  I left the goal open ended to include anything including what I’m wearing, doing or eating.


My condensed contribution to Hourly Comic Day.


While I did do some traditional comics with characters I ended up doing a few of these recipe inspired illustrations which I enjoyed.  This was probably my favourite to draw (and eat!)


Food is definitely emerging as a favourite subject around this time too.


Around the middle of the month I started using watercolours and they started to feature more heavily in my daily comic.



Until finally I just started doing these simple everyday matters type of watercolour illustrations.


For me it’s particularly interesting to see how this month has evolved.  I had a really clear image of what I expected to be doing, but when it was time for me to do my “assignment” I went with what I was most interested in doing.  Turns out that I love doing these little food/recipe vignettes way more than traditional comics with characters.

Committing to a long-term project like this can teach you a lot about yourself.  I’m glad I deliberately kept it open ended enough so I felt success even with my changing interests/mediums.  I also learned that just because you love a certain style doesn’t necessarily mean that you will love drawing it.